I’m back again for the last part of my body image series! Here are part 1 and part 2, just in case you missed them. A big problem, I feel, is that women don’t feel comfortable in their clothes because they are not dressing for their body type. I’m guilty of this too! I see something in the store that looks really cute on the rack, but then I get it home and it does not look good on me. It’s frustrating. Finding out what looks good on you is a process, it takes time to learn. Here are a few tips that I can give you  about dressing for your body type.

1) A good base. One of the most important things that a lot of women forget about when getting dressed is what undergarments they are putting on. Finding a good base, whether it’s a bra and panties or a slip, can eliminate a lot of problems in the end outfit, such as panty lines, extra straps showing, etc.

2) Fit is key. It is essential that you buy clothes that fit you! If something is too big or too small, it’s not going to look right. Just because something is on sale, doesn’t mean you need to buy it, especially if it is not your size! (I’ve been guilty of this in the past…)

3) Pay attention to proportion. A lot of putting together outfits involves getting the proportions right. Making your legs look longer by wearing high-waist bottoms is a rule that is universally flattering, for example.

4) Be comfortable. It does not matter what you wear if you are not comfortable in it. People can tell, believe me. If you’re not comfortable, it will show and your self confidence will suffer because of it…and self-confidence is essential to pulling off outfits!

5) Dress for yourself, not for others. I really believe that expressing yourself through your personal style is really important. If you’re dressing for someone else, then you’re not expressing yourself and you’re probably not comfortable either. Wear what you like, not what others like!

It’s really hard to tell others what to wear without seeing it on them. I have friends who come to me and ask me if they think a particular piece of clothing will look good on them and I usually tell them to try it on or send me a pic of them in it. So that’s one more piece of advice: Try anything and everything on! You will never know if it works or not unless you try it on. Over time, you’ll learn what looks good on you and what doesn’t and it’ll get a lot easier. I found a really helpful guide (posted below) that I believe will help. I know it’s hard to put everyone’s body type in a limited number of categories, but this is just something to help you start out.


So what do you guys think? Do you find the chart helpful or do you think it’s too broad? Do you have any advice on dressing for body types? Let me know!



  1. It's great that people create guides to help women dress their body. Great post!

  2. Very informative post...thanks for sharing.

  3. I agree fit is everything. A garment that fits you like a glove can even make the piece look more expensive because it looks tailored! Love the chart!


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